When we are shooting in the street, what are the preferable camera settings? Of course it depends on light, but is there any safe way to get right image avoiding blur, dark images, etc.?

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The safest way to get the "right image" is to learn a great deal of photographic skills and apply them when you shoot. But the "right image" depends entirely on what you personally think at the time you shoot, and that's impossible to provide settings for, even in a broad outline. Practice, practice, practice is one of the basic requirements here. Understanding your camera and it's capabilities and how to get them is the next.

In broad terms :

  • Avoiding blur. More often than not is down to using a high enough shutter speed to avoid shake blur and motion blur. You need to learn basic exposure principles for that.

  • Dark Images. Again that is down to learning to understand and use the metering system of your camera and an understanding of basic exposure principles.

So the starting point for a long journey into learning how to use your camera would be something like Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure". There are innumerable online sources and tutorials on basics, like the very good Cambridge In Colour tutorials.


Using Auto ISO and a shutter speed of 1/500 or even 1/1000 should avoid both blur and underexposure.


Check this blog for a start. I like the way of Eric Kim a lot: http://erickimphotography.com/blog/the-ultimate-beginners-guide-for-street-photography/

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