My requirement may sound very peculiar but still thought of taking suggestions from all of you. Mostly I travel with a mid size DSLR 1-2 lenses (50 mm, 18-105mm) and few accessories and a Laptop (15.6"). All the bags that are known to me can accommodate DSLR(s) lenses very well but the laptop compartment is just sufficient enough for laptop only. I would like it to have may be a jacket or laptop adapter or some stuff for weekend trip. I could not find any such bag and I am looking for cabin size backpacks. Kindly suggest.

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  • These requirements aren't that peculiar, and there are many backpacks which might fit them. So many, really, that a random list of suggestions isn't likely to be useful. – mattdm Nov 27 '15 at 13:43

You note "...but the laptop compartment is just sufficient enough for laptop only. I would like it to have may be a jacket or laptop adapter or some stuff for weekend trip."

There are actually many, many backpacks which might suit your needs, but maybe you're just looking in the wrong way. That's because they don't usually have a gigantic laptop compartment, but rather a normal sized one, plus a padded section for camera gear, plus an unpadded section for other stuff.

Alternatively, any backpack with a laptop section and a large, customizable camera compartment could work — no law says you can only put camera equipment in the padded part.

And finally, if no camera-focused backpack fits your needs, consider getting a general purpose travel backpack and adding a smaller, padded camera insert.

  • Currently i use a smaller case logic shoulder bag along with a backpack. Was thinking of having just one bag that solves my purpose – V.B Nov 27 '15 at 16:16

I just came back from the first trip with my f-stop backpack. I have only good things to say about it. I have a smaller laptop, but my friend who has the same backback has a quite large and heavy 15" laptop, and that works out well.

I have the Satori model, they seem to have had som production issues with that one, so it's off the site right now, but apparently coming back in the spring. This particular model is quite big, and just barely fits within the carry-on regulations.

They have plenty of different backpack sizes, and you buy the bag and the interior separately from each other, so you can adjust the balance between space for camera gear and other stuff, to fit your needs.


Check out the Lowepro Compurover AW. This is a triple-compartment bag with a dedicated laptop compartment which easily fits a 15.6" model. There is camera compartment at the bottom which has space for a DSLR and 4 extra lenses, plus I usually manage to squeeze in a charger and card reader. This leaves you with a decent-size compartment for the rest. It comes with a rain cover too and there is a rubber flap to protect the laptop compartment zipper from rain even without the cover in place.


This one suits, but you can also try with other vendors search engines, there is not much difference between the 4-5 top photo bag companies:
467? http://www.kata-bags.com/photo-by-equipment-laptop?n=0

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