I have hundreds of product photographs for my business. Now am assigning all of those to respective product codes on my ERP. But the erp accepts only square images (1:1) something like instagram or whatsapp profile. Could someone suggest a software for windows 7 which would do a bulk processing. All my images are of different dimension. I do not want the application to crop my images or change the aspect ratio, want it to just add white background color to fill in.

Basically I am looking for a SquareDroid app for Windows PC + bulk processing

I do not know scripting in Photoshop



i'd recommend Imagemagick. Something like this should work (untested)

FOR %a in (*.jpg) DO convert %a -resize 600x600 -background black -gravity center -extent 600x600 square_%a
  • Thank you for the response Is that scripting.? Am a lay man in terms of such commands :( do I put those in ImageMagick. *embarrassed me – Kirthi Bhansali Nov 23 '15 at 18:55

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