I recently upgraded from Nikon D3200 (DX) to Nikon D750 (FX). I had the the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX lens - which now I have started using with the D750

I have read everywhere that the DX lenses use just the center portion of the FX sensor.

However, when I use 35mm DX lens with D750, I get a decent picture with some vignetting. A sample screenshot from Lightroom (untouched) is here.

My son and my father

If I buy a FX 35mm lens, will it give me better field of view and image quality - or should I continue with the current 35mm DX that I have?


If you shoot FX wide open at close subjects you will probably like the results.

The Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX is rather unique in that it has almost FX coverage. Many FX users report acceptable results with it. The field of view will be identical to a 35mm FX lens but there will be strong vignetting which is more noticeable as you stop down or shoot more distant subjects.


Using DX lens means that only a part of its huge FX sensor is actually in use. As for me, this really kills the whole point of owning a full-frame camera, significantly downgrading an image quality.

Strongly advise you to get an FX lens to get a real taste of your camera's capabilities.

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