I am looking through websites for web design inspiration (yes, I know I'm in the photography forum) and I'm trying to figure out how this blue tint was achieved on this photo? I have tried making the temperature colder on the photograph, raising the blue saturation globally, and increasing the contrast a bit; but it's not looking right...

Anybody have an idea of how this was achieved?

enter image description here


It looks like he created a blue layer and gave it opacity, after converting the picture layer to black and white.

So, make a new layer over your image, and flood-fill with blue. Then, set opacity %. Make sure this blue layer is higher than your picture layer.


This effect is nothing but gradient map with layer blend. Just add blue color to one corner picker(darker area) and blue- white(lighter area) to the other end. Try different blending modes such as overlay and soft light.

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