I have to stitch and HDR a lot of photos taken using the Bublcam camera. These photos contains the 4 fisheyes captures in a multiplex format. The lenses can't be moved on the camera and they will always have the same position. I have 3 photos per HDR.

Here is an example file, H12M0052.JPG enter image description here

Here are the other exposures:

As I plan to do develop a program to batch this process, it would be great if the stitching software could be used in command-line. Is there any stitching software best suited for this kind of job? How many control-point would you recommand to place in order to have the most accurate stitch? Any other advice is welcome.

Note: I don't want to use the "stitch in the cloud" feature provided by Bubl as some of the images taken will be confidential to our company.


I expect the output to be an equirectangular projection of the panorama. Example: Output example


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You can create a stiching project in Hugin and use it repeatedly to process any photos via command line, as described in the PanoTools wiki:

This example takes a pre-existing project called template.pto, created with three photos. It uses nona for remapping, and enblend for blending the remapped photos into a finished TIFF image:

nona -o out -m TIFF_m template.pto DSC_1234.JPG DSC_1235.JPG DSC_1236.JPG
enblend -o finished.tif out0000.tif out0001.tif out0002.tif

In the BublCam case, the first step should be probably cutting the source image into 4 separate views (ImageMagick can help).


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