I'm an indie filmmaker that takes a crapload of cat pictures in low light. My films are creepy and low light as well. I want a camera that can fulfill both needs. I'd also need a good zoom lens and tripod/mount, and I'm thinking 35 and 50mm prime lenses. What should I focus on, when shopping, in order to best fulfill my needs? Examples of available equipment are appreciated.

Photography-wise, I have a Sony RX100M3 that I like for portability purposes, but I look forward to having a mega camera that can get great shots without needing bright lights or being near windows. I like the built in ND filter and the peak focus highlighting though. Filmmaking-wise, being able to get 4k would be nice, but clean 2K low-light video is my priority. Being able to shoot with a higher frame-rate would be nice too. Features that give me both quality and creative freedom would be appreciated, for both photography and video.

$5000 seems to cover the 5DS plus a lens and a mount/tripod, but barely, without room for decent prime lenses. The Sony A7rii looks great with its dynamic range, and also 4k... Should I be worried about Sony optics compared to Canon? Also, with the Sony a7rii, I'm worried about overheating, and battery life. It's true I can invest in the prime lenses later, and just rely on a zoom lens for now... That's a "bang for my buck" decision. And how much should I invest in the tripod + mount. I could go for an older model... the 5D Mark III, which seems to be solid, and might leave more room in my budget for better accessories, including two primes and a zoom, and I know the 40-50MP resolution of the later cameras shouldn't be a deciding factor. Another factor I'm concerned about is weight. If I can get a camera that's almost as good, but half the weight, that says something too. And I'm not tied to just Sony and Canon... it's just the two brands I've bought in the past.

And I know this might "seem" like a "shopping question", but I'm following the advice in this question:

Why is there so much hostility to 'what should I buy' and 'shopping' questions?

"Rather, we would like to know what the asker's budget requirements are, and what their photographic goals are."

I think I fulfilled those recommendations, no?

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    Or explore other sites dedicated to HD video gear, such as cinema5d. – inkista Oct 1 '15 at 15:37
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    This answer may help too (and is shorter :-) ) : meta.photo.stackexchange.com/a/4883/26456 – Olivier Oct 1 '15 at 18:04
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    @sdanzig: I appreciate the "crapload of comments" you added to the question. It helps us understand where you're coming from and where you want to go -- surely you can see how that's much more helpful. However, your comments are also backing up just how difficult this question is to answer: you ask about gear for photography, but also focus on video (really better served by asking people who most know about video). You've also asked about tripods and "mounts" -- that sounds like a different question altogether. Camera and lens questions are also likely best as separate questions. – Dan Wolfgang Oct 2 '15 at 0:26
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    @sdanzig Nobody's trying to be rude or to diss you or frustrate you. But this SE simply doesn't have expertise with video issues--video.SE does and all the shooters who do both are over there. They have questions like Canon 5DMkII vs Sony A7s which are much closer to what you're asking. You've said photography-only answers weren't helpful, but that's what we do here; we are Photo.SE, after all, not cameras.SE. – inkista Oct 2 '15 at 1:01