I have a selection of photos in Grid view, sorted by rating. Now I want to go through and change ratings. However, every time I change a photo's rating the grid re-sorts and moves to the changed photo's new location. So I have to try to remember where it had been before to resume my re-rating process.

Is there a way to get Lightroom to lock the grid display order, and not re-sort until I tell it to?


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You can "lock" the order by making a Custom Sort order. Once you have sorted the images you want using the rating, moving a thumbnail to an other place should enable the Custom Sort order. It's used here for renaming and an example is given there. You can also select it directly in the toolbar (you can see in the example I already have sorted the photos by ratings) :

Lightroom Custom Order

Another way to do it is to use a collection : Add to the Quick collection (might work with a "regular collection" but not tested) the photos you want, sort them by ratings, and then add to photos to a new empty "regular" collection (see here).


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