I have this panorama: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1e0qz92jsb4xibe/test-3000x1500.jpg?dl=0

I edited it in Photoshop and uploaded it to Google, but it isn't recognized as a panorama any more. That's why I added the missing META information using ExifTool:

-ProjectionType="equirectangular" -UsePanoramaViewer="True" -"PoseHeadingDegrees<$exif:GPSImgDirection" -"CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels<$ImageWidth" -"CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels<$ImageHeight" -"FullPanoWidthPixels<$ImageWidth" -"FullPanoHeightPixels<$ImageHeight" -CroppedAreaLeftPixels="0" -CroppedAreaTopPixels="0"

But it still isn't recognized. I also used the Google Sphere web app (http://photo-sphere.appspot.com/), but the downloaded version still isn't recognized as a panorama when I upload it to Google...

Thank you for any ideas!


I just noticed that the image already is an panorama, but photos.google.com doesn't recognize it. If I upload/open it in www.google.com/maps/views, the image shows a little "Google Sphere" icon.

So http://photo-sphere.appspot.com/ works great, only the preview is broken. :)

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