I took a cool photo whilst standing on the platform of Paveletsky station in Moscow. Its a bit like this one.

Do I have the right to use my photo on the cover of a book that I'm publishing?


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Unfortunately, Russian regulations do not allow the use of images of any railway structure for commercial purposes, without permission from Russian Railways.


To confirm, you should ask for permission to make photos of Russian railroad. Here is web page with information about this (in Russian). Unfortunately I do not find this page in English on the web site. But here is (bad) translation from Russian Procedure for television, video, film and photo opportunities at the facilities of OAO "Russian Railways"

Application Form. Application for filming directed natural or legal person in Corporate Communications Department JSC "Russian Railways". The application shall be issued on the letterhead, signed by its head and stamped by the organization

For a foreign media, the application shall be accompanied by a copy of the card special correspondent of a foreign media, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the application is submitted by a foreign person or entity who does not have the accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, that it be accompanied by copies of passports and visas for all participants in the shooting.

The content of the application. It shall specify the objectives and tasks of the shooting, a short scenario plan and location shooting, the subject, the date and time of shooting, the composition of the crew, surname, first name and phone number of the responsible person.

P.S. Sorry, do not have time to translate it (and moreover my English is broken :) )

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