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Hey everyone,

I aquired this camera from my dad, as he got another model, and I have some lenses and the Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi body.

I haven't used the camera much past 'auto' shooting which my non 'auto' shooting buddies always frown on.

7+ years ago in university I took a photography class (develop photos, dark room, etc) and just didn't apply any of that knowledge to my DSLR.

Any site / tutorials specific to this camera? And how I can shed my 'auto' setting photo style? I really want to be more versatile and be able to take better photos, and understand proper aperature / shutter speed, etc.

Thanks, looking for most informative answer to getting started with this particular model.

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Every camera works more or less the same. The most important, you already said it : Aperture, exposure, sensitivity, focus, etc. After you grasped enough of the theory, you may want to go out and try for yourself with your very own camera (whatever it is). Firstly, in aperture priority or time priority mode, you'll have less to care about yet enough to try and learn. Then, in fully manual.

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