Are there any non-SLR digital cameras that come with a Standard or Telephoto lens?

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    Do you mean standard (not wide angle) or prime (not zoom)?
    – chills42
    Jan 6, 2011 at 13:10

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There are many - virtually any point and shoot has standard zoom. Many (Canon SX series, for example) have telephoto zooms.

There are also interchangeable lens cameras in the Micro 4/3 family among other mirrorless cameras.

Medium format View cameras are a valid answer to this question as well, but I guess it is not what you mean here. EDIT I just noticed you mentioned "digital cameras" so I guess the view camera category is not a valid answer, after all... but there certainly are some mediums with digital backs (a couple tens of thousands $$, though, and I am not completely sure they do not fall under the SLR definition)


This question is confusing, so I'm going to answer both way I can interpret it.

Are you looking for a bundle with a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC)? Seems pointless since you can get ANY lens you want, even if it does not come with it. If you really want a bundle, then many cameras come with 2-lens kits. The second lens is always a telephoto one and the first always covers the standard focal-length. The catch is they those are often of poor quality which is why the bundles (called kits) are quite cheap.


Are you looking for a fixed-lens camera that covers either standard (They ALL do) or telephoto focal-lengths? Most modern cameras reach at least where telephoto starts and some, called ultra-zooms, go really far, up to 840mm.

If you know what focal-length you want covered you can use Neocamera's Camera Finder. Just put what you want in 'Widest Focal Length' and in 'Longest Focal Length'. It will find you all current cameras that match.


In addition to the mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, there are several non-SLR large-sensor compact cameras on the market which come with fixed normal-range (or slightly wide) lenses.

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