The Fujifilm X-T10 has several different viewfinder modes. I'm coming from a mid-range DSLR and am used to using the top LCD for at-a-glance info and the rear LCD only for menu setup. I want something basically similar here, with the rear LCD only turning on when I hit the menu button (or the Q quick-menu button).

The modes are:

  • Eye sensor: Automatic display selection using eye sensor
  • EVF only: Viewfinder only
  • LCD only: [Rear] LCD monitor only
  • EVF only + eye sensor : Viewfinder only; eye sensor turns display on or off

Basically, I want EVF only + eye sensor, except when I push the menu button, at which point I want it to switch to Eye sensor. If you have it on EVF only, it does exactly this for the playback button — the rear LCD shows your images for review or even the playback menu, but it'll switch to the EVF if you put the camera to your eye.

Is there a way to get this behavior in shooting mode?

I'm afraid that the answer is "sorry, it can't do this", but the Fujifilm configuration interface is a little alien to me and I keep finding options tucked where I don't expect them.


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So, you can't — there's no option for this. However, if you use the EVF only + eye sensor mode, and then press the DISP button while looking at the rear screen, it will a cycle between:

  • no-distraction live view (only showing the scene)
  • live view with shooting info (aperture, ISO, focus mode, etc., as configured in the settings menu)
  • a black and white screen showing just the shooting info

So, as a work-around, you can use this last mode. It's not off, but I find it less annoying. (The histogram is still live, so I doubt it saves power — oh well.)

Note that if you look through the finder and press DISP, it will change the viewfinder display separately, between "clean" and "info overlay" modes.


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