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I have a Canon T2i (2010) I am looking to upgrade. Are there any other brands of camera that my Canon lenses will fit?

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  • Yes, look at Red cameras, if you like video ;-D – Digital Lightcraft Jun 16 '15 at 22:40

The Canon Rebel T2i uses Canon lenses with an EF lens mount.

You can mount these lenses to a variety of other cameras using an adapter. Here are some examples:

Typically you will only see adapters to mount a lens on an equal or lower end camera (not many people will mount a cheap lens on a Hasselblad for example).


No SLRs (Canon has a shorter mount registration distance, a complete deal-breaker)(O.K., maybe 4/3s would work.), but yeah, there are adapters for various mirrorless systems.

But you're usually better off using a lens designed for the system you're using it on. Things like autofocus are likely be absent or impaired on foreign systems.

There are a bunch of good reasons for living with the drawbacks of mixed systems. But if you can't articulate one, don't.

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