When I go to the WiFi Settings in Camera (Canon 70D) all I see is:


  • Exit
  • Confirm Set
  • Error Details (greyed out)

I can't recall the password or find any way to reset it. Some I found (Why doesn't wifi on canon 70D connect to my Android device?) say the Camera should say Infrastructure mode. Inside the Confirm Settings I can see on page 3 it shows:

Connect'n method: Camera access point mode

But again I see no way to change this.

On my Smartphone EOS Remote app there's a Connection Guide with completely different menus from what I'm seeing on the Camera.

Any idea how I can reset the WiFi Name and Password on the Canon 70D?


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To keep this answer up with the times, I want to let people know that Canon released a new version of their app called 'Camera Connect'. Once you download it, you'll need to reset your wireless settings on your camera and your phone. There is a different handshake that occurs between your phone and the app.


I had to reset my phone’s settings, so I lost my connection to my camera. I was perplexed trying to find the password. Finally I found how to reset the Wi-Fi and then be given a new password.

Select Wi-Fi function > And then on the ‘Connection’ screen, select Exit. Don’t just exit the screen by hitting menu or back. Actually select Exit on the touchscreen or highlight Exit with the directional buttons and press the enter button.

On ‘Exit wireless LAN function’ screen, select Ok.

Now press the ‘Info’ button to enter General settings. (Or make selection on screen.)

Now you can choose ‘Clear Wi-Fi settings’ , select Ok.

Once you do that you can then select ‘Wi-Fi function’ again, select ‘Connect to smartphone’, and follow the prompts to create a new “camera Wi-Fi”, in which you can then be given the password during the creation process.

Whew! That was driving me nuts!

Let me know if that works for anyone else!

  • \$\begingroup\$ Worked well on a recently purchased 70D with all previous owners settings! Thanks for saving me a lot of grief! \$\endgroup\$
    – Martin
    Jan 7, 2018 at 19:55

So I had to hit Exit to get back to a main menu, strange.

And for the second part EOS Remote is no longer in use or functioning. Had to download Canon Connect onto my Smartphone instead.


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