I ended up taking a few flash pictures with my Nexus 5 phone with the flash. Instead of red eyes, I have robotic silver eyes. Aperture does not correct these when asked.

Is there something I did to get these unconventional reflections? Am I now in need of full photoshop or gimp to repair?

enter image description here


As for how you got the "effect": My guess is that you were too far away for the weak flash on the phone to do anything other than produce the red-eye, which means the phone still had to increase the exposure (probably via high ISO) to the level required by the available light anyway, blowing out the red in the red-eye in the process.

It's not difficult to fix manually with a paint program like GIMP, just view at 2:1 (200%), and use the smallest brush available.

ADDENDUM: The reason the flash was low-power in the first place may have been because the camera was metering (at least partially) on the bright white paper the girl is holding.


As per request of some of the higher people in the comments:

BURN THEM! (the pupils black that is, not your friends).

It doesn't that long to do in GIMP (not even 5 min):

  • magic lasso the pupils
  • select the burn\dodge tool
  • go to town on them (just don't over burn or else they'll look evil and not robotic).

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