I am looking at possibly buying a solar charger for my LP-E6 Li-ion batteries that I use with my Canon DSLRs. I have never seen a solar recharger since there are no stores that sell them within a 5 hour drive of where I live. Since I can not pick one up and look at it, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a specific charger that is compatible with the Canon batteries before I order one online?


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The reviews of the one LP-E6 solar charger that I could find online were poor. Perhaps a better approach would be either:

  1. Bring extra batteries, available for ~US$15. Eight or ten LP-E6's would still weigh less than a solar charger. According to DPReview of a Canon EOS 6D, that should be good for ~8,000 - 10,000 photos (though I don't know how long a video). That would still be lighter than a solar charger, and, unused, Li-ion cells can hold most of their charge for a year or more.

  2. If you must go solar, then create your own system such as this: 15 Watt solar panel, 12-Volt regulator and your choice of 12 volt battery. Just connect a car charger for the LP-E6 to the battery. The advantages of this setup:

    a. You can charge the LP-E6 from the battery any time, even at night.

    b. You're not restricted to one camera battery type; any battery with an car charger can be used.

Of course, the disadvantage is having to carry the additional 12-volt battery.


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