I just bought a new ring light and I love it! However I would like to use it and still have the backround light up instead of everything going dark. How can I achieve this? P.s I use my iphone 6 and my Canon t5i with a 50mm lens to take my photos.

  • Do you have a sample image? That's always helpful. – John Cavan May 17 '15 at 3:12
  1. You could use a fill light from a reflector or another strobe to illuminate the background a bit. Of course, that means additional setup time and expense.

  2. You could experiment with extending exposure, at least on the Canon, to reduce the brightness of the ring-light in comparison to the background (e.g. increase exposure time so that light keeps entering even after the ring-light has blinked). This can introduce blur in the background, which may or may not be desirable.

  3. You could put a neutral density filter on the ring-light itself, or reduce its output if it is variable. If the light did not come with a ND filter, make a hole in a piece of thin white cloth or paper for the lens, and cover the light.

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There are a few simple things that you could do.

Use another light source to light the background separately from your main light, either another strobe or a hot light (constant) behind your subject facing the background. -OR- You can open up your aperture and slow down your shutter speed to allow more ambient light in.

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