I see confusing views about the Nikon MC-DC2 remote release cord. Some people say it is compatible with the D750, and some say it is not. I am not sure if any one here has successfully used MC-DC2 with their Nikon D750?

I recently upgraded my camera from D80 to D750 and was surprised to find that I can't use the MC-DC1 for my long exposure shots. I am leaving on a trip on Thursday, and need a solution quickly that will work with the Nikon D750. I have to buy this ASAP so that it can be delivered before Thursday.

Or, if there are any other options that you have tried?


Nikon USA lists the MC-DC2 release cable as compatible with the D750. Sellers that don't include the D750 in the list of cameras that are compatible with the MC-DC2 probably created the listing before the D750 was introduced.

An example: B&H doesn't include the D750 in the list of compatible cameras at the product information page. But if you click on the Q&A tab on that page and scroll down to the fourth question you see that a staff member at B&H has recently verified that it is compatible with the D750.


I have the mc-dc2 and it works just fine with my d-750 !!

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    Does it work with long exposures?
    – mattdm
    Apr 29 '15 at 3:25

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