I have two Yongnuo 560-III flashes that I have been using for a while, In order to get good results I am having to do a lot of trial and error. Adjusting power, zoom, moving them around etc.

Is there anyway that I can calculate more accurately what settings I should put into them, maybe based on the in camera metering?


You can use the guide number system (see How can I calculate the effect of non-TTL flash on exposure?), possibly in combination with your camera's meter or a separate incident flash meter. But if you have several lights, modifiers, and are trying different poses and positions, trial and error is probably actually easier and faster. As you practice, it'll tilt more towards "trial" and less towards error. This is a huge advantage of digital — in the film days, studio photographers used Polaroids, but now every camera has that built-in.

  • That's a very helpful post, with alot of useful information, sorry I didn't see it before posting. Thanks. – Edward144 Apr 9 '15 at 13:06
  • @Edward144 You're welcome. I added a little additional information here because you elaborate a little more about your more-complicated use, and I wanted to get in the note about trial and error not actually being so bad. – mattdm Apr 9 '15 at 13:07

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