I’m examining the external power source terminal of my newly purchased Nikon SB-910 speedlight.

(The terminal is for connecting an external battery pack. It is located on the front side of the speedlight below the AF-assist red plastic cover. The terminal is under a small black Nikon-branded cover.)

The terminal has three pins, but the left pin is really short and is recessed deep into the socket. Is that normal? Does your SB-910 also have a recessed left pin?

I have watched several unboxing videos and read some reviews of the SB-910, but none of them show the power terminal.


Yes, that is normal, and a correct description. The recessed pin is for safety, to keep out unapproved connections. Be aware that there is about 325 volts on this cable. It does not just attach a battery as such, but attaches a battery powered high voltage converter, which directly charges the flash capacitor.

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