Which cameras were used on the missions prior to Apollo 11 ? I know that the moon landings used Hasselblad medium format.


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According to this NASA PDF, Apollo 7 and 8 did not take hand-held cameras, instead using vehicle mounted Maurer or custom-built cameras.

Apollo 9 had a Hasselblad Superwide, Apollo 10 had no hand held cameras, and Apollos 11 through 13 had custom built Hasselblad Lunar Data Cameras. Apollos 11 and 12 also had a 'Closeup Stereo ALSCC' camera.

There is a complete report on the camera systems used in the Gemini and Apollo programs here.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks for that , I raised the question as I had seen a pic of what i assumed was a 35mm camera and couldn't identify it \$\endgroup\$
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