I use a Canon EOS 60D to shoot a separate angle facing the audience at my Church. It works pretty well, except I have one huge issue. Whenever I point it to the audience, a bunch of white boxes start showing up singling out everyone's face, or just a particular face and then I get to switch from face to face. The only way I have been able to take it off is by switching to a large white square box, which is even worse. I'm sending out the camera shot via HDMI Mini- HDMI. How do I prevent my EOS 60D from having these white boxes appear?


Go into the menu system and look at the fourth page from the left. You should see AF mode, second option down. Select this and you will see three options, Live mode, :-) Live mode and Quick mode. Chances are your camera is set to :-) Live mode which is the face detection mode, select one of the other two modes and your boxes should disappear.

  • This just changes the nature of the overlay, for me :'( – Justin L. Aug 2 '18 at 5:57

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