Good evening experts. I have a Nikon D5200 with 50mm f/1.8 lens. Shooting fashion photography, and trying to get a white background. Would 3 point lighting with a white reflector as fill give me a good result ?

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The short answer is yes, the long answer is depends.

The background

  • Are you shooting full body? It is a little more difficult to make a smooth background.

  • Do you have enough space between your background to the subject? If you have considerable space you can put more power to the background light or use a big difused light.

  • Does the background light has enough power and amplitude to fill the background?

  • Do you have enough space between the background and the background flash to have an even ilumination? You can use one light in some cases.

  • Does the main light spills some light on the background? It can help to smooth the background. The same as the next question.

  • Is your studio painted in white? This last two options helps for a high key portrait.

Main subject

  • Is the white reflector big enough?

  • Can you put the reflector it verey close to the subject? Probably remove it later in post pro.

  • Is the main light big enough, in the right angle and distance to spill light to the reflector?

  • Can you use aditional white boards to fill the subject?

  • Are you limited to use a white reflector? or Can you use a silver one?

  • How much shadow do you want on your subject?

My recomendations

  • Play with your lights, have fun and make tests considering all this variables: Difussion, distances, power, ambient.

  • You can use a second flash as a background flash and a rim light for example.

  • Use swich between one or two flashes for the background.

  • Bounce the flashes all over a small white room, or make a light tent for a full body.

  • Make a dramatic shadow with a single main light but white background.

  • Use some natural ambient light.

  • Again, play and have fun.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Yes i have a white l shape pvc background with aprox a 2 feet distance between the subject n backwall what should I do..? \$\endgroup\$ Commented Mar 27, 2015 at 12:02

Use Virtual Lighting Studio to simulate the result of your lighting setup. There are lots of other applications which do the same think. I use set.a.light 3D STUDIO

good shooting.


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