This might sound little lame,

Anybody please explain(if possible with example)

what is a good photograph ? How we can decide a photo which is good ? for an example if you are in a Deciding panel how you would decide or elect a photo as winner of a photography contest ?

What are the technical aspects that we need to consider ?

Not considering taste here

This is vivan Maires one of the photo How actually judges judge theses photos.

Thanks in advance.


Not considering taste here? Oh... that is probably the only real answer...

Does it have a good colour or grayscale shades? Is it in focus, is it not blurry?

Do those technical details really matter?

I have seen out of focus photos where the main subject is so unique or dramatic that those details don't matter. This one comes to my mind:

In my opinion, as in all the arts, taste and opinion are the only thing that at the end matter. A photo of my baby is the best baby photo of all time!

Of course there will always be people that think that a really dumb or disgusting proportion is art.

I'm adapting a quote from Johann S. Bach: “The aim and final end of all arts should be none other than refreshment of the soul.”

"A good photo should say something, a story, a feeling, a posture, a point of view, something new, something old. Perhaps there is a case that all that a good photo speaks is silence."

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  • As Marshall McLuhan pointed out, low-resolution media such as your example photo can actually be more engaging, by requiring more activity on the part of the viewer's brain. :) – junkyardsparkle Feb 27 '15 at 21:19

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