I want to make animated movie from photos. i have used animoto who gives facility to make movie from images online, but it is limited, so is there any alternative to it?

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    Are you looking for another web-based service, or just generally how to do this? – Please Read My Profile Feb 11 '15 at 13:11

I would suggest using Picovico. It solves your problem- limitation. On the Android app, it gives you 720p HD videos to download. And on web you can access premium features for making HD downloadable videos. Time duration allowed even in free account is ~3 mins.

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While Animoto is great, I agree that it is limiting for various reasons. It can be frustrating to use sometimes because of all of the limitations.

Historically the main competitor has been Photodex Proshow Producer. It is desktop software that you install, and it is very flexible. Because of the flexibility it also has a learning curve to use the software.

Finally in 2010 Photodex introduced Proshow Web. It is a direct competitor to Animoto and works very similarly. They also offer a mobile app with similar functionality that you could use. I believe this will be the best bet for you to try, but if you still find this too limiting you might be best suited with Proshow Producer.

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  • Each software has its own kind of benefits. However slideshow makers are quick and cheaper, and are available on web, mobile platforms. On the other hand, softwares like After Effects require professional skill set. Picovico, WeVideo, Stupeflix are immediate alternates to Animoto. – acpmasquerade Oct 19 '15 at 15:07

In my opinion there are 3 categories of this kind of project:

1) Very simple projects, just to make a slideshow for the family. You can use for example Windows Movie Maker. Simple transitions.

2) Professional projects. The leader software here is Adobe After Effects. You can download several templates with flying photos, lens flares, particles, etc. Google after effects templates.

You can also do that in 3D programs, like Blender, but it will take quite some time to learn how to do a decent project.

3) Specific programs with pre defined templates. These are cheaper than After Effects. You don't have the same control over the process, because you have "limited" kinds of effects. The program you mentioned would be in this category.

A good page with some reviews of these "do it yourself" programs is: http://photo-slideshow-software-review.toptenreviews.com/

Look at Youtube tutorials of these programs and see some results, to see what kind of effects you like most.

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