I love the idea of BlackRapid's replacement screw for the Manfrotto QR plate.
I tried to use the same screw to attach a Arca-Swiss plate, and it didn't work as the head is too wide to turn inside the recess under the plate profile.

Is there one that would do this?


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Peak Design make several Arca-Swiss compatible plates that can be used with a D-ring screw. So you could clip the BlackRapid strap onto that.

Look at their ARCAplate, which includes the D-ring screw. Note that has now been replaced by the PROplate, which doesn't have a D-ring as standard. But you can use it with the Pro Drive Screw, which has a D-ring.

Also see for more details about the D-ring: Why is there no D-ring on the new PROplate?


Use a clamp which itself has a screw hole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWes5KE3QZI


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