I have Yongnuo RF 603NII N3 transceiver (2 pieces). I would like to know whether we can use it without connecting one piece to YN-565EX II Flash Unit i.e. one piece of transceiver will be in my camera hot-shoe, do I need to attach the other piece in the flash unit if the flash unit is YN 565EX II? Or I can use other transceiver as remote trigger in my hand?

I am asking this because both my transceiver and flash unit are Yongnuo

PS: I am yet to buy flash unit.

Thanks in Advance !!

-Nayan Soni

  • Here is a post where users are telling that that model of flash works fine in manual mode, but not quite well on ttl wirless mode, so take a look. photo.stackexchange.com/questions/52340/… If you dont need the ttl you can go for the 560III.
    – Rafael
    Feb 9, 2015 at 6:02

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No, you cannot set off the YN-565EXII from an RF-603II without attaching another RF-603II to act as a receiver on the foot of the flash. The YN-565EX has no built-in radio receiver.

However, the RF-603II does not have to be on the camera hotshoe to set off the flash--you can use one in-hand as your transmitter with the test button. The trouble will be syncing it with the camera shutter if you do so. And you could use the S1/S2 "dumb" optical slave modes with your camera's pop-up flash to set off the flash remotely, rather than radio triggers.

If you really want a Yongnuo flash with a built-in radio receiver that can be set off by the RF-603II, the YN-560III/YN-560IV is the flash you want, but understand that it is manual only. It cannot do TTL, it has no built-in CLS slave capability, and can only have its power/zoom remotely adjusted if you use the YN-560-TX as your on-camera transmitter.

  • Thansk @inkista !! That helped
    – Nayan Soni
    Feb 10, 2015 at 8:57

Edited. No. My response was wrong. It can not be trigged by radio. So I'm editing the post.

You need to use a reciver conected to the flash. But if you need the ttl function you need something like the Yongnuo YN622-TX Wireless ETTL.

If you use the 603 you can only use the manual remote mode on the flash.

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