In terms of post production I need to measure the exact distance from the camera sensor to several objects on the set.

Where I can find specifications to determine the sensor position of a canon 600D?

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    Thanks @MichaelClark! You are right, the answers are similar, but the question is not - the issues are different. Of people searching for my issue, they won't type: "reference plane" or "focus distance". That's why I don't think that this is really a duplicate. I'm asking for: the position of the sensor on the camera.
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    Can you put a little more about why you are looking into the question? That will help this get reopened.
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Most DSLR cameras have a sign on the top (Plimsoll mark) which looks sort of like

enter image description here

The line indicates the position of the sensor plane.

I googled for pictures of the 600D. It also has this indicator on the left side of the camera top.

enter image description here

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