I have built this sculpture, but I do not have the right lighting equipment or camera to take a really professional picture of this sculpture. But I need to submit a picture of it to the local museum to be on display right away and this requires a really nice picture.

Does anyone know if there are studios or services that can help to take a picture of these every day object?

  • Some idea of your general location may produce answers that are more useful to you. – dav1dsm1th Jan 24 '15 at 14:13

You may find something like this in your area, but it's not a "commodity" find. Your best bet might be to start with places serving artists -- coworking areas, workshops, "maker" spaces, etc. -- these are areas where other people are creating things, so they've very likely got the same problem you do. One of these areas might have a stage / cubby / etc. set up do to what you're talking about, or they may know someone who could help you.

Next best, try local photographers -- any good photographer can do what you're talking about, but having one set up a custom setup just for you will cost real $$$. You'd like to find someone who's already got the capability for you to bring your stuff in and shoot it for a reasonable fee.


Anything1 is available if you pay enough money. Contact a few local photographers (try "photographer [your location]" in your favourite search engine) and tell them what you're after - no need to worry about finding a studio or anything like that as they probably know more about what's available in your local area than you do.

  1. within reason.
  • Ok, so as I suspected there doesn't exist like an "organization" just for this type of service – Rodrigo Amarante Jan 23 '15 at 21:28
  • In any case how do you get a hold of these local photographers? Craigslist? – Rodrigo Amarante Jan 23 '15 at 21:29

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