I read this article Give your DSLR a brain by connecting an android phone and was amazed by how a DSLR camera can become a much smarter device after connecting with an Android phone (with the help of just one OTG cable).

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So, I was wondering if it is possible to give any compact digital camera a brain by connecting to an Android phone?

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    If there are compact cameras that support that kind of external control and someone's written an application to do it, there's no reason why not. The cameras in mobile phones are getting to be good enough that there's not really any reason to carry a separate camera.
    – Blrfl
    Dec 15 '14 at 14:13

Since the nature of this question is speculative, the answer is theoretically yes, depending on the kind of the camera one picks. Moreover, many new cameras

  1. Have WiFi built into the body directly.
  2. Have tilt/swivel screens
  3. Have lower level and better firmware hacks (MagicLantern, NikonHacker, etc.) available.

Most importantly, as Blrfl points out, the usecase for a paid app that is in BETA with a long list of essentially choppy features is very thin. Yes, there are some functionalities that may be enabled like this, but my research yielded nothing to indicate that these (or comparable) software are worth it, at the moment.

In the abstract, it is a possibility, but the question perhaps isn't very precise.

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