I just got a Canon 5D Mark II, and I am trying to get the settings so that the color trim is in the Quick Control Screen.

Does anyone know how to get this there?

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    I can find no reference to 'color trim' in the manual or even with a cursory Google. Can you clarify? – ElendilTheTall Dec 2 '14 at 9:22

As far as I'm aware the contents of the Quick Control Screen can't be customised.

I assume by colour trim you mean the WB SHIFT/BKT menu option? The Quick Control Screen will show a WM +/- icon when this is option is adjusted away from 0, but you can't access the setting from that screen.

5D mkII Quick Control Screen

If you need convenient access to this setting, I think think the only option would be to make use of the My Menu screen. (in the camera menu it's the one on the far right with a star as it's icon) You could add the WB SHIFT/BKT option to this screen along with all the other options that you need quick access to (up to 6), then set the My Menu screen to display first when you press the MENU button. (this is done via My Menu settings > Display from My Menu > Enable)

5DmkII My Menu screen
Image of My Menu screen

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