I'm using a Nikon D5100 and I would like to know how to use USB tethering with live view and meanwhile to be able to take photos using a wireless remote trigger.

At the moment, once I open "Capture One", I cannot control my camera anymore.

Is there any software which allows me to have live on my PC and use a wireless remote trigger to take photo simulaneously?

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I don't think I've tried it with your exact camera, but maybe give this a look?


The issue with live view on a computer while taking a picture from the camera is the computer has to be in control of the shutter and sensor in order to do live view. For the camera to re-override that override would be some interesting programming.

If you're already plugged in to the computer, though, why do you need another remote?


When the live view with pc connection is running all other controls are disabled including wireless remote function, this is same behavior for all Nikon cameras


I have a D5000 and I can use it with IR-triggered release tethered with application Darktable under Linux.

I tried it with Live-View enabled and it didn't work. I cannot say whether it is impossible because of the camera features or whether Darktable fails to do this properly.

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