I am wanting to take photos in dark conditions using the Night scene mode. For example, a carved Halloween pumpkin in the dark with a candle in it. However, I get the "Low Light!" warning message and bleep when focusing, even though the Night scene mode is selected. How can I take good photos at night with this camera, whilst still maintaining focus and not blurring?


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In general, here are a few things that help in your situation. I'm not sure which features are available for the Samsung S1050, but if you search your User Manual for the italicized terms below, you should be able to determine which features your camera offers.

  • Use a tripod to eliminate camera shake and allow slower shutter speeds.
  • Focus manually if the amount of light present is not enough to allow the camera's auto focus to work.
  • Use exposure compensation, spot metering, or manual exposure so the camera doesn't try to render all of that black background as medium grey.

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