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Canon 70D has options of using remote shutter and using apps with iPhone/Android devices. Is there any option to do timelapse photography using either of the above where I can click photos at a specified interval? I know this can be done using the Canon EOS application provided. Is there any other possible way of doing this?

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If you're asking how to take the images for a timelapse, what you're looking for is an intervalometer. And yes, there are several ways of achieving this, aside from a smartphone/tablet and the Canon EOS app. There are several smartphone apps that can do this. There are hardware intervalometers built into cable shutter releases. There are dedicated (mostly Arduino-based) devices, and there is the Magic Lantern firmware add-on (which, at the time of writing is not compatible with the 70D and only in early development).

If you're asking is there a way to combine the individual frames into a video file format without using a computer, I think the answer is no. The 70D does not have the capability of creating a video clip from time-lapse frames

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