Suppose i want to make a Picture of a Tiger,in the National park or in wild life safari,and to fill in the Frame with my Aps-c Eos Camera with Focal Length at 300mm,how close or far i need to Approach the subject,I would Like to Know the Distance in meters or in Foots Roughly?


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There are many species of tigers and they vary in size. Suppose that the tiger in mind is a male Bengal tiger. They have an avarage nose-to-tail length of 270 to 310 cm.

Using a 300 mm lens on an Canon APS-C camera will give you a horizontal angle-of-view of about 4.3 degrees. To fill the frame with a subject measuring 3 meters horizontally you'd have to stand 40 meters away. Depending of how you want to frame the shot you might have to move closer/further away.

There are many tools that you can use to calculate this distance available on the Internet. This one for example.

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