I recently downloaded GIMP and I am having a slight issue. When I import a RAW image into GIMP, tinker with it (using the UFRaw plug-in), and then press OK, the displayed image (in the GIMP preview) is very different from the image I edited. Moreover, when I then export the image from GIMP to a *.jpg, the image is yet again different.

The difference lies in the colours; in the GIMP preview, yellows & greens are very much accentuated and the image appears slightly darker. Upon export the issue is slightly less pronounced but the picture is still not the same as the picture I finished editing in UFRaw

  • Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  • Is there a way to fix this so that all three displays agree (UFRaw, GIMP, and Preview [computer is a Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard, if that helps])


Photo as it appears post-editing in UFRaw

Photo as it appears post-editing in UFRaw

enter image description here

Photo as it appears in GIMP after pressing OK in UFRaw

enter image description here

Photo as it appears in JPG format after export

Any help would be most welcome, many thanks in advance.


You are using an environment without color calibration. Furthermore, the JPEG does not seem to have embedded color information.

I sometimes have the same. Edit a picture in Photoshop - nice. (Photo has embedded color profile, Photoshop can handle that). Then save in JPEG with conversion to sRGB, then preview it - super ugly. (The previewer does not handle the embedded color profile). Open with Fireworks - colors are fine. Upload to sites - colors are nice again.

So basically you will have to make sure you are in a color-managed environment, the image contains embedded color profile and your preview tools can handle the embedded color profile.

Alternatively, use a color-managed environment, generate outputs without embedded color profile to sRGB. Then the pictures will look okay.

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