I had a Nikon D3100 camera. I want to upgrade it. Can anyone help me choose between a Canon 7d or 70d? I want it for outdoor, wedding and studio photography.


Usually, I do not answer to such questions because they are subject to (extensive) discussion and the final "answer" is rather a subjective decision.

However in this very case and in this very moment it is different.

Disclaimer: I'm Canon shooter from enough years, I'm pretty satisfied with my equipment - I have also Nikon, Sony and Hasselblad. No, I don't religiously say that Canon is the savior of the (photographic) world.

Answer #1: Never, ever, ever buy something before doing your (future) market research/analysis.

Answer #2: Never, ever, ever buy a model when a big successor is announced with fanfare.

In your concrete case it is known from enough sources that mid-august, start of september shortly before Photokina (September, this year) the successor of 7D will be announced. Amazon already has already 7D as discontinued thing which confirms once more that 7D Mk 2 (or whatever it will be called) is around here.

There are quite impressive patents from Canon issued now and with together with these patents internal(?) sources say that it will be "the biggest change in Canon's history".

For me (and for many others IMHO) it is quite clear that 7D's successor will be/is a corner-stone in Canon's history, because:

  • it is/was awaited for a looong time. Canon must show that it was worth the wait.
  • Canon has now the bad reputation of lagging in sensor tech & innovation. It isn't entirely true IMHO, but anyway Canon now must prove that they're the best.
  • Canon already made known through above 'leaks' (when Craig from Canon Rumors marks a rumor as CR3 this means that we must treat the rumor as a fact) that the next camera will be 'the biggest change in Canon's history yada yada yada'. Canon must make sure that this change is a good one and not a bad one.

From all these things and (not only) the camera to be announced will be a very big thing (good - I hope - or bad). This means that:

  • the prices of the old models will fall (sometimes a lot)
  • you'll read a lot of reviews, opinions and user comments about the new model (of course) but also about the company's future. Also you'll know where the market is heading.
  • you/we'll see new technologies which make us more knowledgeable in order to decide what to buy: 70D, 7D, 6D or the new 7D Mk2.

So in short, answer #3: If you can afford it, WAIT A LITTLE.

  • I appreciate the effort but unless you work for Canon I don't like this answer. This isn't a rumor mill :)
    – dpollitt
    Jul 26 '14 at 14:25
  • @dpollitt Normally I would agree with you on this. But when Canon Rumors marks something as "CR3" it almost always means the source is an high level employee at Canon and rarely, if ever, has a CR3 level rumor turned out not to be spot on. I think you can take the 7D mark II being announced sometime early this Fall to the bank.
    – Michael C
    Jul 26 '14 at 14:42
  • @John Thomas On the other hand, prices for the 7D have already plummeted. You can pick up a grey market copy from a reputable seller for around $800US. You can also currently get a refurbished 7D direct from Canon USA for $719.52 (Canon does add sales tax based on the shipping address).
    – Michael C
    Jul 26 '14 at 14:49

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