I am a newbie with Photoshop. I tried to use color replacement in CS6 and have read lots of tutorials about this.

My problem is I want to change a color in a picture and when I use color replacement with a normal brush size it makes the picture blur, but when I use a larger brush size, e.g. 500px, it is ok

For example :

main photo : https://i.sstatic.net/pNfkq.jpg

edited photo : https://i.sstatic.net/bhZwH.jpg

How can i solve this problem ?


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I would use the larger brush then!

If that results in you changing more of the picture than you wanted (brush too large to be accurate), then use a mask (and a smaller brush) to mask in/out the areas that you want.


1) Create a layer 2) Use 500px brush to change your color 3) Add a black mask to the image - this will hide all your color changes 4) Use a 70px (or whatever size works) white brush and paint in the mask the areas you want changed


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