I am using Dark Table for proceesing my photos and am very happy with it, but I lack some catalog software to be able to quickly find relevant photos. Any reccomendation for software available on Linux? BR Bo

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After a long wandering for several years in searching of the perfect DAM solution, I didn't find it.

However the program which comes closer (IMHO of course) and fits best for our company's needs is XnView MP.

It is a cross-platform solution under active development with rather often updates (see the forums there - you can ask everything you want) with very good viewer, good editor and more than 500 file formats supported.

What differentiates it tough is:

  • his powerful file management
  • best in class cataloging (AFAIK of course, but I looked at almost any DAM solution I could find)
  • search features (both on disk as well as in database)
  • its scalability

I can say many more about this (I have enough years of experience both with this program and with other DAMs) but in order to not transform the answer in a promotional material I'll mention that we also use it in conjunction with other RAW editing back-ends (fpr reference, Photoshop CC and Photivo). It is very easy to configure XnView MP for this task: Go to Tools | Open With... | Configure programs...


digiKam is something I came across as well.

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    When I was in the linux world, I used digikam. It has been in more or less continuous development for over 20 years. Good documentation. Now it runs under windows (WINE, I think) and theres a port for Mac. Recommended. Apr 13, 2018 at 13:49

Have you looked at Shotwell? It doesn't look very fancy, but it provides some cataloging/searching functionality.

Edit: Just now I found F-Spot, which also may meet your requirements.

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