I need to re-export some old photos with different settings (quality/size/etc.). Usually that's pretty straightforward: Enable a filter to show only picked photos, select all, export.

However, in one collection I do not have any photos marked as "picked" for some reason (maybe I exported everything and deleted bad photos afterwards... or the information got lost somehow). I still have the "good" JPEGs though.

Now I'd like to set the "pick" flag for all photos where a JPEG file exists (or whose filenames are in some list) - that's about 100 out of 700 photos so doing it manually for each photo is not an option. Is there any way to do this?


I solved this by creating a Smart Collection matching the filenames. I just had to copy all JPG filenames into an editor, remove the .JPG, and replace linebreaks with simple spaces.

To avoid collisions with other files in my catalog (since the filenames of my camera reset after 9999 photos) I also filtered by folder.

Afterwards I could simply select all photos in the collection and set the pick flag.

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