Whenever I turn my camera on it goes on Auto Flash unless it's in the no flash mode. The flash pops up automatically and when I close it and put it in a different mode it pops up again. I need to hit the supressor down a few times when it's closed to get it to go back to normal, but it doesn't work for long and goes back after a while. If I hold it down super tight it goes back to normal though. Is this a hardware error or is something loose? I just want to know any possible solutions and any explanations as to what might've brought about this mishap. And also I want to know the possible issues in the camera (like which parts may be broken; whether or not it's repairable). Thanks!


Is you camera on warranty? Have you bought your camera less than 2 years ago? If so, go to the shop where you bought it and explain the problem and ask for a repair.

When your camera is on auto mode (green icon) the flash will turn on automatically according to the light available. Close the flash and switch to A or S mode (rotating the mode dial). Does the flash pop-up too? Turn off the flash by pressing the flash button on the left side of your camera, next to the lens. Does the flash pop-up too?

If your flash pops up randomdly I would guess there's something wrong with your camera. Maybe your light meter is defective or the software that controls the flash maybe be bugged.

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