I've just got an X100S. I've tried everything but I can't seem to get the overlay to display over the optical viewfinder.

The manual seems to suggest it should just always be on.


You can turn the overlay on and off with the DISP/BACK button (page 21 of the manual).

You can customize what's shown in the overlay (pg. 75) with DISP.CUSTOM SETTING, and that includes the framing grid.

I should also caution you against wearing polarized sunglasses and shooting in portrait mode, which is the way I managed to inadvertently make the overlay disappear. ;)

  • On my X-Pro1, the LCD and EVF (and OVF overlay) are polarized 90 degrees to each other, so at least one of them works in portrait or landscape orientation when wearing polarized sunglasses. – user65744 Jul 15 '17 at 16:46

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