I have large collection of photographs, I need to quickly iterate through it deleting unwanted ones and rotating some.

So I want to find photo viewer that can:

  1. Preload next image(s) so there is no lag after attempting to view the next image (IrfanView failed here, default Windows 7 image viewer tries to do this but is not always succesful)
  2. Rotate images (FastPictureViewer failed here)
  3. Iterate properly over files after modificating/deleting one of files (default Windows 7 image viewer failed here)
  4. Automatically save rotated images (FastStone Image Viewer failed here).

Other features are not necessary.


XNView can preload the next image, it is possible to rotate images (JPGs lossless; it is not working for RAWs, at least not for the flavour I use), it continues as I expect it to do after deleting (don't know if it is "properly" for you), and the lossless JPG rotation is applied immediately so it may be worth a test for you.

  • Maybe I am expecting too much but it is not preloading the next image, only thumbnail (it jumps a bit after loading entire file). But it is the first one where I can really quickly move through a folder. In general, I like it and it is free for non-commercial use. Apr 27 '14 at 18:07

PMView Pro is the tool of choice for this. It is the fastest Windows viewing software and provides a very efficient workflow and high degree of customization.

After binding hotkeys CTRL-LEFT-ARROW and CTRL-RIGHT-ARROW to do lossless rotation, clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively, you can easily advance (PgUp / PgDn) and delete (DEL) images at an extremely quick pace.

When using lossless rotation, PMView does not ask to confirm for saving, which is a great touch of logic! If you do multiple cycles over images, it will know which ones are deleted.

  • 1
    It is not caching the next image, but "efficient workflow and high degree of customization" is really true. Unfortunately it is free only for one month, but I never mentioned that I want a free software (maybe I will make a new question for this one). Apr 27 '14 at 17:16
  • 1
    @Bulwersator PMView Pro is such an excellent program that I own several licenses. If you are looking for free, then you'll get what you pay for! Considering that most camera batteries and even the neck-strap I use is more expensive than PMView Pro, it really seems a waste to search for anything else. The only free software which offers a decent experience if Geeqie which I use on Linux. Maybe they have a Windows version or you can run it in a VM.
    – Itai
    Apr 28 '14 at 0:52
  • I am in a different situation (availability of time/money/skills/etc) and I would rather write my own software than pay for licence. But XNView seems to be okay. "If you are looking for free, then you'll get what you pay for!" - at least with software it is not true, according to my experience. Apr 28 '14 at 9:54

There is now XnViewMP (free for personal use) which has both 32- and 64-bit processing, supports multithreading, and pre-caches images as you view them. It also has batch-processing capabilities, picture resizing, advanced JPEG encoding options, etc. The only downside are some nasty bugs and weird keyboard shortcuts (which can be customized, to match IrfanView). I tried three different versions, as it upgrades itself, and it is very fast. They also have a Linux version.

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