How can I mount an EF-M lens (22mm, for example) on my Canon Rebel T4i EOS EF-S?


You cannot mount an EF-M Lens on a standard DSLR or at least it won't work the way you want it to.

The EF-M lenses are designed to sit closer to the sensor than on a DLSR. There is no way to get the EF-M lens closer to a DSLR sensor because the mirror is in the way.

You can however, put a DSLR lens on the EOS-M camera with what is essentially a spacer to keep the lens further from the EOS-M sensor (the distance it would be if used on a DSLR).


Strangely enough, you CAN fit an EF-M lens to an EF mount camera. It's just a very silly thing to want to do. Here's what happened when I tried it.

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    That's a great blog post, but I'm afraid that this isn't a great answer. Here, as on all Stack Exchange sites, we discourage "link only" answers because when (not if) the link eventually breaks, the answer becomes useless. Could you add a short summary of your post to this answer? It might be something like: "I connected an EF-M lens to an EF-mount camera using ____, and although it was fun, it didn't really work because ____ and ____. The full in-depth account is on my blog at ____." – Caleb Oct 12 '18 at 11:57

If an adapter existed, on EF/EF-S, the lens would sit farther in front of the camera body than it's designed to, and this would be like using macro extension tubes: you'd lose the ability to focus to infinity with the lens, and it would only be good for photographing close subjects. Which is why such an adapter doesn't exist.

  • But what if I got fisheye lens of 7.5 that all manual (apture and focuse). Couldn't it work well enough? Lens that are so wide don't need too much focuse. –  Doron Tshuva Oct 12 '18 at 10:48

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