I used Photoshop CS6 "Photomerge" feature to stitch together 5 images I took with my Nexus 4. The images are not horizontally aligned, thus resulting in a panorama with "jagged edges" The question is how do I crop the biggest possible rectangle from the panorama without getting into the transparent (empty) space?

Yes, I know I can do it manually with the crop tool but is there a faster, easier, more convenient way of doing it?


Consider using a dedicated stitching package, like Hugin, before editing in Photoshop. Hugin has an autocrop function.

  • Thanks a lot After doing so much searching, I found that Photoshop has no such feature. The program you recommended does exactly the job I wanted. Since it's open-source, maybe we can turn it into a Photoshop plug-in :D – Taher Elhouderi Apr 18 '14 at 21:16

You can set up an action to select areas that have no image and do a context aware fill. This way you won't need to crop if there is enough information at the edges of your frame and the results are usually great when it works.


I don't believe there is any sort of automatic crop functionality as part of Photoshop CS6's photomerge feature.

Another option to consider is that in many cases, content aware fill can do a great job of filling in the vacant areas near the jagged edges, giving you a larger resulting file.

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