I have Daminion local, not server here with a catalog of about 20,000 photos, mostly JPG.

When I double-click on a thumbnail to see full-screen view, there's a significant delay now that I'd like to avoid.

Low-resolution image usually appears fast, but then it takes forever for it to become full-resolution.

That delay is not consistent, either. Sometimes 3 seconds, sometimes 15 seconds.

How do I make full-screen previews appear faster?


Below are the factors that impact to the speed of displaying full-screen previews in Daminion:

  • Images from remote locations (NAS, network folders) opens slower than local files
  • When CMS is turned On
  • TIFF and RAW files are opened slower than JPEGs
  • 15 MP images are opened slower than 3-5 MP images
  • Background processes might drastically impact to the image viewing: importing files or syncing tags with metadata.
  • Free RAM and CPU

Please give us more info about your environment and the above factors.

  • You should also mention data topography on the harddrive - specifically the issue of fragmentation. But even fetching complete files from different locations is slower than streaming continuously. (I am assuming data is not stored on a SSD) – DetlevCM Mar 7 '14 at 11:25
  • Thanks Marat. Turns out, currently running Catalog Import (I guess you can call it Background Process?) was slowing things down. If you stop catalog import, full-screen previews open fast as expected. – boshap59 Mar 7 '14 at 21:51

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