Unfortunately SD Card (Kingston 64gb) that I've used in a photoshoot appeared to be faulty and large part of images taken are simply not visible. However I've been able to copy the files from the card.

I've tried a dozen of apps that were promising to recover broken jpgs but failed.

Is there anything else worth to try to recover the photos, or consider them lost forever?


I have had great success in the past with Data Rescue. There website is here...http://www.prosofteng.com/products/data_rescue.php

They offer several different levels of scanning. I had it pull up images I had deleted months previous to a hard drive failure. Amazing that it could still dig them out of the digital gunk. One thing that was interesting though was the older the image the more of if was missing, almost like it had faded.

Anyway, good luck. Sometimes there's no saving it because there's simply nothing to save.

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