I'm really enjoying my Sony NEX-6, especially the time-lapse application. However, I'm often finding that the camera's battery dies before I can create a long time-lapse (say, 4-5 hours). Is there a way to either: (a) charge the camera while it's taking the time-lapse, or (b) purchase a battery grip for the camera?

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You could use an AC Adaptor - The Sony AC-PW20 is the option here.

Alternatively you could buy a third party non-OEM battery that is rated above the OEM battery in capacity. The Sony NP-FW50 is rated at 1080 mAh and you can find some 1500 mAh options out there if you look.


As a warning to anyone thinking of buying a USB battery pack, don't -- my NEX goes into USB mode when I plug in a USB cable, even if it's a charge-only cable. Which means that it doesn't let you take photos -- the entire UI is replaced by a "USB" indicator.

I tried changing the USB mode from mass storage to MTP to auto, to no avail.

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