How do you delete an unwanted preset in Lightroom 3 that you have in your saved presets?

  • Do you mean the factory presets or ones you've added? I don't think you can remove the factory ones, but right-click, delete ought to work on the rest – MikeW Jan 16 '14 at 3:28

FYI, this article from Adobe documents the file location of these presets:

Installed and custom presets and templates have filenames ending in .lrtemplate and are located in folders under the Users/[user name]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom folder.

Another link (for LR4, but I presume this also holds true for LR3) confirms that "factory" or built-in presets cannot be deleted.

  • Thanks. I have tried right clicking to delete @MikeW and no it's not the presets that come with LR, it's the others of added to it. Just want to narrow them down. Way too many ones I got for free that I don't use or don't like. – ashar Jan 17 '14 at 4:34

I think you can find all your presets in "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets" and then delete which are not required. You will find two directories here as "Lightroom Presets" and "User Presets".

  • I'm using a mac. And I did have the hard drive replaced. I saved the presets I know to a USB but I don't know if I saved them to my external hard drive as well. If I have them in lightroom still you would think I did b/c when I got my computer back I plugged it in. Before taking it in though I delete my lots of my stuff on my hard drive....I can't seem to find the presets I have in lightroom. – ashar Jan 18 '14 at 23:07

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